Corporate Sustainability

Reap the benefits of effective CSR.

Sustainability can mean a lot more than carbon savings and reduced operational costs. Businesses that promote their CSR efforts can also increase sales, reduce employee turnover, and grow shareholder value.

DG+Design partners with in-house marketing and sustainability teams to build and grow sustainable brands.

CSR promotion

Brand messaging and communications

Report and collateral creation

Photo and video


Get more from an agency that gets sustainability.

Don’t waste time educating your external support on Corporate Social Responsibility. DG+Design has over a decade of experience in clean energy and sustainability to bring the results that matter to you.

Engage Your Customers

Customers pay more for products from socially responsible companies. This starts with activities to tie your brand to CSR.

Build Corporate Value

Effective CSR can increase revenues and shareholder value. Plus, you can reduce the risk of surprise negative impacts.

Energize Your EMPLOYEES

Responsible businesses are better able to attract new talent and keep them energized, resulting in lower turnover rates.


We bridge the needs of your corporate sustainability and marketing teams.

DG+Design partners with sustainable businesses to complement in-house expertise. Our services include project case studies, corporate communications, reporting, and more.

Audit and Analysis

Get started with a CSR audit that reviews your economic, social, and environmental impacts to discover where you can improve.


Engage the public with sustainability storytelling to ensure that your customers, employees, and investors know how your business is prioritizing CSR.

Photo and Video

Share your CSR success stories through project photography,  customer testimonials, and corporate videos for social media and other channels.


Create CSR reports and collateral that presents your impact to stakeholders and the public while adhering to GRI reporting principles.

Case Study

Virtue Cider

Located in Fennville, Michigan, Virtue Cider makes craft cider from local apples and is a certified farm via the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program.

When the cidery completed a 78-kilowatt (kW) solar project in October 2019, our team worked with ForeFront Power, Anheuser-Busch, and Virtue Cider to create a video to share the project with the general public.


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